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Grace + Grit Social Enterprise is a social marketing intervention that exists to combat human trafficking and other social ills through research-driven innovation and global partnerships. At the same time, we are a social research and development agency that works across the private and nonprofit sectors to offer expert services in formative research and evaluation, intervention design, skills training, and enterprise development. 


Proceeds from our agency work help to fund our intervention work to break the human trafficking supply chain worldwide. Our suite of interventions work to empower vulnerable people with critical skills, access and opportunity to transform their  financial prospects, and thrive in the global economy.  


Our social enterprise business model is a prototype for the world we want to live in. We are Argonauts of the ideal, in pursuit of social justice, guided by the love of humanity, inspired by the will to serve the underserved. Our name is a call to arms against human trafficking and other forces of oppression that render people vulnerable, invisible, voiceless. Our vision is to make oppression history in our lifetime. Our mission is to break every chain of oppression, beginning with the human trafficking supply chain.


Together with a coalition of change agents around the world, we fight the root causes of exploitation and violations of human rights with courage, insight and boundless optimism. Collectively, we strive with passion and perseverance to restore dignity, hope and strength in the face of oppression.

Restoration + Prevention 

We equip human trafficking survivors with crucial vocational and life skills training, transitional employment, and psycho-social support to build their capacity to reintegrate into the local economy. At the same time, we work to reduce the vulnerability of young women and children at risk through our prevention and education outreach program in schools and communities. 

Enterprise Development + Employment

We work to build a just and sustainable labour market through our Ethical Workforce Development Program with specialisation streams, which empower survivors and young people at risk of human trafficking with enterprise development and job access. #Workwithus

Sustainable Community Development 

We believe that if we can build the financial capacity of vulnerable families and communities, we can stop child labour, human trafficking and irregular migration. Our Community Development programs empower vulnerable youth and families with critical skills, access and resources to reduce their risks and transform their prospects. We also empower advocates to lead grassroots efforts to prevent human trafficking and stop the stigmatising of human trafficking survivors.

Culture Vulture Tours

Take a tour through the other side of paradise with our Culture Vulture tour packages to townships and countries affected by human trafficking. Choose from a private tailored tour or our immersive educational and cultural experience, which includes a visit and/or volunteer with our local NGO and charity partners on the ground. These tours help to fund our sustainable programs to empower vulnerable women and children to break the human trafficking supply chain.  #CultureVultureTours

Research + Development

We conduct rigorous research to build the evidence base on the root causes of human trafficking and the social norms that drive it. We translate our research insights into innovative programs of action that seek to transform vulnerable communities, and strengthen the capacity of local anti-trafficking efforts to achieve sustained impact. 

Green Fashion Factory

Shop the Green Fashion Factory's exclusive range of ethical products made by human trafficking survivors and young people at risk. Your patronage helps to build their financial capacity and reduce their vulnerability to human trafficking. Check back regularly for brand new stock. #GreenFashionFactory

The Need

According to the 2018 Trafficking in Persons Report, virtually every country in the world is affected by human trafficking either as a source country, transit country or destination country. Currently, over 40 million people are trafficked worldwide including, women, children and increasingly men.


Grace and Grit Social Enterprise is committed to combating human trafficking worldwide. Our vision is to break the global human trafficking industry supply chain to make human trafficking history.


Our mission is to empower  40 million vulnerable people  to become resilient and impervious to human trafficking through scalable, sustainable initiatives that connects them with opportunities, resources and knowledge to become self-sustaining. 


Grace + Grit programs have been designed to compete with and effectively disrupt the human trafficking industry. Through real time program monitoring and evaluation, we ensure that our solutions are adaptive, responsive, and offer a superior and sustainable alternative to human trafficking . We work to break the industry's supply chain by targeting the root causes of human trafficking such as unemployment, social exclusion, family pressure and social norms.

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Make Oppression History



Support our mission to break every chain of oppression beginning with the human trafficking supply chain by supporting us to empower vulnerable people and communities. You can support our mission by holding local fundraising events and activities to help raise funds to support our work.

Work with Grace + Grit


Whether you are an impact investor, a government department, an NGO, a social enterprise or a concerned citizen, together we can break the human trafficking supply chain and make oppression history in our lifetime. Partner with us to support the vision.

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