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Of Grace + Grit...

Grace + Grit Social Enterprise is a social behaviour change and human rights organisation that exists to combat all forms of modern slavery and gender inequality through co-created, evidence-based social innovations and global partnerships.


We work through local partners on the ground and also directly with victims, young women and children at risk of modern slavery to reduce their vulnerability, and increase their access to education, vocational skills and job opportunities. Our programs particularly focus on risk reduction and closing the inequality gap through education and employment pathways aimed at transforming economic prospects, mobilising and building resilient communities of empowered women  and children, and promoting human right to dignity and self-determination.  To fund our scope of work and keep us self-sustaining, we trade on a portfolio of quality product and service offerings including social marketing, social research and development, corporate training, enterprise development and e-commerce.

Our social enterprise model is a prototype for the kind of world we want to live in. We are unapologetic, starry-eyed idealists in pursuit of social justice and gender equality for our generation. Our name is our ambitious call to arms against modern slavery and other forms of oppression that render disadvantaged women and children powerless, invisible, voiceless. Our vision is to end modern slavery, including sex trafficking, hazardous child labour, wage labour exploitation, forced marriages, domestic violence and abuse of women and children. Our mission is to break these chains of oppression in our lifetime, beginning with the modern slavery supply chain.


Together with a coalition of passionate change agents worldwide, we are addressing the root causes of modern slavery, exploitation and violations of women and children with courage, insight and hope. Collectively, we strive with boundless passion and optimism to restore dignity, instil hope, and promote resilience in the face of adversity.


Victim Empowerment + Prevention 

We empower modern slavery victims with critical vocational and life skills training, transitional employment, and psycho-social support to build their resilience, exercise their right to self-determination, and improve their economic, social and community participation. At the same time, we work to reduce the risks of modern slavery and hazardous child labour for vulnerable young women and children through our outreach efforts and programs across disadvantaged schools and communities worldwide. 


Enterprise Development + Employment

We work to build a just and sustainable labour market through our Ethical Workforce Development Program with specialisation streams, which empower victims and young women at risk of modern slavery with enterprise development support in addition to mentorship and employment pathways and opportunities. 


Building Resilient Children + Communities

We believe that if we can build the financial capacity of vulnerable families and communities, we can stop hazardous child labour, modern slavery and exploitation. Our Community Development programs empower vulnerable children and families with critical skills, access and resources to reduce their risks and transform their prospects. We also empower advocates to lead grassroots efforts to prevent modern slavery and stop the stigmatising of survivors.


Sharing Stories of Grace + Grit

We provide a platform for victims and vulnerable young people to tell their stories in their own words. Through these true stories of survival, we raise awareness of modern slavery and inspire positive social behaviour change. Your subscription to our Stories of Grace + Grit can help to transform dire prospects, and empower vulnerable women, children and communities to close the inequality gap.


Translational Research + Capacity Building

We conduct rigorous research to build the evidence base on the root causes of human trafficking and the social norms that drive it. We translate our research insights to co-create innovative programs of action that seek to transform the lives of vulnerable people and communities, and strengthen the capacity of local anti-trafficking efforts to achieve sustainable impact. 

Deep Stare

Green Fashion Factory

Shop the Green Fashion Factory's exclusive range of ethical products made by human trafficking victims and young people at risk. Your patronage helps to build their financial capacity and reduce their vulnerability to human trafficking. Check back regularly for brand new stock. #GreenFashionFactory

The Need

According to the 2018 Trafficking in Persons Report, virtually every country in the world is affected by human trafficking either as a source country, transit country or destination country. Currently, over 40 million people are trafficked worldwide including, women, children and increasingly men.


Grace and Grit Social Enterprise is committed to combating human trafficking worldwide. Our vision is to break the global human trafficking industry supply chain to make human trafficking history.


Our mission is to empower  40 million vulnerable people  to become resilient and impervious to human trafficking through scalable, sustainable initiatives that connects them with opportunities, resources and knowledge to become self-sustaining. 


Grace + Grit programs have been designed to compete with and effectively disrupt the human trafficking industry. Through real time program monitoring and evaluation, we ensure that our solutions are adaptive, responsive, and offer a superior and sustainable alternative to human trafficking . We work to break the industry's supply chain by targeting the root causes of human trafficking such as unemployment, social exclusion, family pressure and social norms.

What can you do for Emancipation?

Make Modern Slavery History



Support our mission to break every chain of oppression beginning with the modern slavery and human trafficking supply chain. You can support our mission by subscribing to our exclusive Stories of Grace + Grit or purchasing awareness raising merchandise from our Green Fashion Factory store.

Support Grace + Grit


Whether you are an impact investor, a government organisation, an NGO, a social enterprise or a concerned citizen, together we can break the human trafficking supply chain and make modern slavery history in our lifetime. Work with us to support the vision.

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