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Breaking the human trafficking supply chain

A social marketing approach

Grace and Grit Social Enterprise is a social marketing intervention and agency, founded by Dr Abi Badejo of  Social Marketing @ Griffith, Griffith University. The enterprise is the outcome of her PhD research on human trafficking in Nigeria that generated multilevel insights. 

Dr Badejo's research found that the trafficking of women and children in Nigeria is driven by a complex range of push and pull factors including:

  • Unemployment and unequal access to employment opportunities

  • Financial distress, insecurity, and social exclusion

  • Large family sizes and peer pressure

  • Lack of understanding of the extent of exploitation and human rights violation in the human trafficking system

  • Traditional practices such as child labour and child fostering, which increase children's vulnerability to child trafficking

  • Social norms and aspirational culture that promote deviant behaviour and privilege social stature.


Consequently, some human trafficking survivors and other vulnerable people have adopted a misguided belief in the emancipatory potential of human trafficking as an employment opportunity. They see human traffickers as employment agents. But in reality, these vulnerable people are exchanging one form of oppression for another, as they are held in debt-bondage by their traffickers for several years and forced to work under exploitative conditions to repay disproportionately large debts.


Worse yet, when some of these individuals are rescued from human trafficking, they are often stigmatised and further disadvantaged when they return to their communities, leaving them worse off, and with little choice but to return to the familiar business of human trafficking. Tragically, some of these people become human traffickers themselves and end up recruiting other vulnerable people into the system, resulting in a vicious cycle of oppression and exploitation as depicted in the diagram below. 



Dr Badejo established Grace + Grit Social Enterprise as a social marketing intervention to break this vicious cycle by breaking the human trafficking supply chain with empowered people and communities.

Her vision for Grace + Grit Social Enterprise is to make human trafficking history in her lifetime. Her mission is to break every chain of oppression, beginning with the human trafficking supply chain. Through research driven innovation and global partnerships, Dr Badejo is working to empower vulnerable people and communities with critical skills, access and opportunity to transform their financial prospects and thrive in the global economy.


Grace + Grit Social Enterprise works to provide vulnerable people with sustainable alternatives to human trafficking through five key initiatives: The Yellow Shelter + Education Outreach; Enterprise Incubator + Employment; Research + Development; Community Capacity Building; and the Green Fashion Factory.


Your  financial or in-kind support can help us to achieve our vision to make human trafficking history.