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Partner with us

Our network of local and international partnerships are the glue that hold Grace + Grit Social Enterprise together. Collectively, they provide us with vital access to human trafficking survivors, vulnerable communities, local knowledge, and operations and logistics support . In short, our partners empower us to combat human trafficking globally. Join the fight. Work with us to break the global supply chain of the human trafficking industry.

Government + NGOs 

Are you an NGO or government organisation focussed on combating human trafficking and rescuing street children? Partner with us to connect them with education and employment opportunities, and develop effective, theory-based public awareness campaigns. Work with us to conduct monitoring and evaluation of intervention programs  to reduce human trafficking using best practice evaluation frameworks. We also work to strengthen capacity of governments and NGOs to effectively combat the problem through training and research.   



We work with businesses to audit  their operations and assist to prepare reports on their efforts to address modern slavery risks and labour exploitation  in their operations and supply chains. We also train businesses to ensure they meet standards for working conditions and ethical behaviour in their supply chain. Work with us to take a public stand against against human trafficking. 


Whether you are a donor, an impact investor or a multilateral agency, we welcome all opportunities to partner with you to develop or scale our evidence-based initiatives to combat human trafficking. You can also partner with us to conduct formative or evaluation research on human trafficking to inform behaviour and policy change.


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