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 The Full Service Agency

As a social enterprise, we rely on revenue generating activities such as our professional research and development services to help fund our intervention programs to combat human trafficking and other forces of oppression worldwide. By working with us as your preferred supplier, you will be supporting our efforts to create more access and opportunity for vulnerable people and communities to transform their financial prospects.


Our research interests and expertise are aligned with key targets outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals including: human trafficking, gender inequality, child and adolescent health, water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and environmental sustainability. Our capabilities and approach have been honed through extensive experience in marketing communications ensuring a rare blend of academic rigour and relevant industry experience. 

Research Design +  Grant Writing

We leverage our track record of winning competitive research grants to offer research grant writing services to NGOs and Social Enterprises working to combat human trafficking, and other social problems.


Drawing on our technical expertise and significant experience writing winning research grants, we assist the social sector to design and write proposals that stand out from the pack.

Formative Research + Evaluation

Drawing on our rare combination of award-winning multidisciplinary academic expertise and extensive industry experience, we conduct rigorous, formative research on the causes and enablers of human trafficking and other pressing social problems. 


We specialise in multi-stream social marketing, design thinking, and systems-based approaches to generating innovative insights to inform complex system transformation and achieve sustainable impact.

Program + Campaign Development

We are experts in triangulating, translating and synthesising our formative research insights to develop effective multi-level programs of action to achieve sustainable change at the individual, community, social and policy level.


We use participatory, human-centred design methods including co-design to co-create innovative change programs and campaigns that generate awareness and promote sustained behaviour change across all levels of society.

Corporate Training + Capacity Building

We work closely with government and non-government organisations to provide training in research-driven social innovation, and social behaviour change program and campaign development.


We also work with businesses in the private sector to provide training in modern slavery risk reduction, as well as develop their capacity to implement corporate social responsibility programs that achieve sustainable impact for business and society.

Training + Workshops


We offer masterclasses for businesses, policymakers, NGOs, social enterprises and funding bodies looking to combat human trafficking and other social problems through social innovation.    

Branding for Social Enterprise


This full day masterclass is especially relevant for social enterprises looking to brand and promote their new or small social business ventures without breaking the bank.

Social Media for Social Impact


This hands-on half day workshop is relevant for anybody working in the social change space. Learn how to inspire followers to act, amplify your voice to effect social change, and give voice to the voiceless.

Effective Storytelling


We are renowned within the Development sector for our effective communication style which combines storytelling flair with journalistic rigour. We've consolidated our significant experience profiling compelling change agents and programs into a one day masterclass for anybody working in the development and social sectors who wants to deliver more effective campaigns that inspire change.

Social Innovation for Corporate Social Responsibility


This half day workshop provides training to the private sector on how they can use social innovation to reduce their risks of modern slavery practices and ensure they meet standards for ethical behaviour in their operations and supply chains.

Social Innovation Design


This full day masterclass provides NGOs, policymakers and funding bodies working to combat human trafficking  and other complex social problems an introduction to how to use design thinking and systems-based approaches to develop social innovations for sustainable impact.

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