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Enterprise Development Incubators

Empowering survivors and women at risk with entrepreneurship skills and sustainable business opportunities 

We empower human trafficking survivors and other vulnerable women at risk with vocational skills training in entrepreneurship and marketing; we assist them to develop their business plans, and provide them with resources, seed funding and industry mentorship to start a sustainable enterprise. 


Participants spend up to 6 months in our Enterprise Incubator program where they are equipped with vocational skills, marketing strategies, industry mentorship and international coaching to learn and earn their way to self-employment. At the end of their incubation period, participants have the option of a social franchise or launch their independent enterprise.


We are currently launching our first Enterprise Development incubator - The Green Fashion Factory, which employs human trafficking survivors and young women at risk to make sustainable sourced and/or up-cycled products, which are available for purchase in our store.


Job Access

For access to decent work and fair wages

We not only employ survivors of human trafficking at Grace + Grit Social Enterprise, we also partner with recruitment agencies and corporate partners around the world to provide employment and internship opportunities for graduates of our Grit + Ethical Workforce Development Program. 


However, you do not have to be a corporate partner to utilise our ethical recruitment service. We can connect any hiring organisation with our ethical workforce across a broad range of industries and skillsets. Simply contact with us with your staffing need and we will match you with a suitable candidate.


By creating opportunities for gainful employment for women and girls, you are helping to build an ethical supply chain.