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Become a Corporate Sponsor

Are you looking to put your corporate social responsibility budget to a worthy cause? Why not partner with us to scale our solutions to combat the global problem of human trafficking? Whether you are a small business or a large  corporation we  welcome all corporate sponsorship opportunities. You can choose a general corporate sponsorship or sponsor a specific initiative. With your support, we can achieve our vision to break the human trafficking industry's supply chain, and our mission to empower 40 million vulnerable people, and make human trafficking history in our lifetime.

Benefits to you

  1. Positive brand association with Grace + Grit Social Enterprise

  2. Enhanced Corporate Social Responsibility profile by publicly endorsing a global cause that affects over 40 million people

  3. International media exposure and PR opportunities

  4. Enjoy extensive logo and company acknowledgement on website and social media channels

  5. Direct Marketing opportunities to our database of supporters and communities.

Invest in the Future

Our education scholarships are modelled after the Australian Government's Development Aid program to Africa. Our point of difference is that we are partnering with NGOs and government organisations to offer these scholarships only to people who are most vulnerable to human trafficking. These scholarships also serve to compete directly with human traffickers by providing a legitimate route to urban and international exposure. At the end of their scholarship, recipients are required to return to their communities to build local capacity, making this program scalable and sustainable.

Sponsor a Development Scholarship

Sponsor an Enterprise Incubator

Empower vulnerable women and girls

By sponsoring one or more of our enterprise incubators you help us to provide access to a stable income and savings plan for human trafficking survivors and other women at risk. Our incubators support vulnerable individuals with skills and resources to start and grow a small enterprise through our Grit + Ethical Workforce Development program, which includes training in entrepreneurship, marketing, international coaching and mentorship.  Participants are also empowered with seed funding and infrastructure to operate their enterprise during this incubation period.  Your financial support will go towards funding the cost of operating these incubators. 

Sponsor a Family

Save the family. End child trafficking

Our Save the Family program keeps families from vulnerable communities together by building their capacity to reduce the need for child fostering and child labour. The program aims to ensure that children stay off the streets, in school and with their families.


Globally, 1 in 4 people trafficked is a child. In Nigeria, alone, 10.5 million children do not attend school - the most of any country in the world. Some of these kids leave home to be fostered by relatives, some end up living on the streets. Likewise, in India, a staggering 80,000 children go missing each year and end up on the streets.


When children are separated from their immediate family, and on the streets, they become vulnerable to exploitation and abuse such as forced labour and child trafficking. 

According to ILO there are about 152 million children, aged between 5 and 17, subject to child labour.  

Your support can change this bleak outlook and give them a brighter future. By supporting our Star Family Foundation you help us to keep more children off the streets, in school, with their families, and safe from trafficking.

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