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Save the Family

Globally, 1 in 4 people trafficked is a child. In Nigeria, alone, 10.5 million children do not attend school - the most of any country in the world. Some of these kids leave home to be fostered by relatives, some end up living on the streets. Likewise, in India, a staggering 80,000 children go missing each year and end up on the streets.


When children are separated from their immediate family, and on the streets, they become vulnerable to exploitation and abuse such as forced labour and child trafficking. According to ILO there are about 152 million children, aged between 5 and 17, subject to child labour. 


Through our Parent Empowerment Program (PEP) -  we keep families from vulnerable communities together by building the capacity of parents to support their family.  We equip parents with critical skills including family planning, technology use, access to micro-financing, as well as support them with scholarships for their children.  Through this parent empowerment program we help to reduce vulnerabilities and traditional practices that separate families and fuel child trafficking. 

 Community Advocacy


We visit families across vulnerable communities around the world, and through group dialogues, we listen, and we learn about their perception and experiences of human trafficking, and we work together to identify sustainable solutions to build the community's resilience.


We do this through our Community Advocacy Program (CAP), where we train influencers in the community to become anti-trafficking advocates who can lead grassroots education of their community on the dangers and risks of human trafficking, and the social norms and traditional practices, such as child labour and child fostering, that fuel the problem. We equip our advocates with skills and strategies to empower vulnerable communities with knowledge and capacity to detect, prevent and protect family members from human trafficking.

Our advocates to also work with families of survivors and community and religious leaders to promote our campaign to #StoptheStigma and rejection survivors of human trafficking face upon return to their community through awareness, empathy-driven dialogue and mediation. This process helps to reduce survivors' vulnerability to being re trafficked. 

Our aim is to build a global network of anti-trafficking community advocates to enable a grassroots approach to breaking the human trafficking supply chain and other forces of oppression.  Become a community advocate today! We will provide you with with a CAP Kit to support you to carry out this important mission to make human trafficking history, one empowered community at a time.

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