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School Outreach


We believe that knowledge is power. This belief is the fuel that drives our human trafficking education outreach at the Yellow Shelter and in schools. Through our Child Labour of Leadership Development (CLLD) program we turn the traditional practice of child labour on its head by sublimating it into something positive and transformative for children, their families, and the whole community.


We work with survivors of human trafficking to deliver a one-hour life educate session to school children on the forms, risks and dangers of child labour and child fostering - two major causes of child trafficking in Africa. We equip all participants of the program with knowledge of their human rights, how to identify, report or prevent trafficking situations, and simple skills and strategies to build resilience and protect themselves from child trafficking and other vulnerable life situations.


As part of the CLLD program, we also identify children from some of the most underserved communities, and empower them with scholarships to support their families and reduce their vulnerability to child labour and fostering.  We badge these sponsored students Community Development Agents of the CLLD program and equip them with leadership skills to influence and socialise their community on the harmful traditional practices that make children vulnerable to child trafficking.

We would like to come to your school to deliver this transformative one-hour program. Or you can book a session with us at the Yellow Shelter.  On completion of our program, your school will receive a certificate of participation from Grace + Grit Social Enterprise and our local NGO partner.

Community Development Scholarships

We work in partnership with education and training institutions to sponsor young women and children from communities most vulnerable to human trafficking to undertake further education or vocation skills training in an identified area of need. Modelled after the Australian Government's Development Aid program to Africa, these scholarships aim to compete directly with human traffickers by providing a legitimate pathway to quality education and employment for at risk individuals. Upon completion, scholarship recipients will be supported to return to their community to build capacity with their newly acquired skills and experience. These bonded scholarships serve as an alternative to human trafficking by providing access to urban and international education and experience, making this program scalable and sustainable. 

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