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Pledge to Break the Supply Chain with Grace + Grit

Apply for our Grit + Ethical Workforce Development (GEWD) Program

Human trafficking is big business. This social ill is the third most lucrative illicit business behind drugs and arms. Vulnerable women, children and increasingly men, are the product. They are being traded across the globe, auctioned off to the highest bidder.


Currently, around 40 million people are in the human trafficking system, and this number is growing. The latest human trafficking statistics confirm that no country is immune to this heinous trade in human beings.  

Everyday, vulnerable women, children and young men are lured into the human trafficking industry. With little access to employment opportunities, many of these individuals have come to genuinely believe in human traffickers as employment agents. Once they are in the human trafficking system they become part of a vicious cycle of exploitation and oppression. 

Our work focuses on addressing the root causes of human trafficking and the social norms that fuel it in order to empower vulnerable people to break the supply chain.  We empower vulnerable people with critical skills, access, opportunity and resources to transform their prospects and thrive in the global economy.  

You can reduce your vulnerability by  applying to our Grit + Ethical Workforce Development Program and access a wide range of economic empowerment opportunities to reduce your vulnerability to human trafficking and help you live up to your potential. 

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