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 Research+ Development

Led by Dr. Abi Badejo our award winning, visionary researcher and keynote speaker on human trafficking prevention, we conduct rigorous field research into human trafficking across all levels of society - from human trafficking survivors to vulnerable children and communities, to government, business and community leaders.


We specialise in complex system transformation through the use of systems-based research design approaches to map the system, and critical research methods to generate robust multistream insights into the structures, processes, practices and interactions within the system that make people vulnerable to human trafficking.


We then synthesise this top down bottom up collective intelligence to develop and deliver our innovative suite of sustainable programs to empower vulnerable people and communities.  


Coalition Capacity Building

We use our multistream research insights to strengthen the capacity of the coalition of government and non-government organisations to effectively combat human trafficking worldwide.


We collaborate with international partners on the ground to develop insights-driven public awareness campaigns and economic empowerment programs aimed at changing ideology-driven discourses, practices and social norms that fuel human trafficking. 


We also draw on our expertise in social marketing and social behaviour change theories and techniques to provide monitoring and evaluation of existing programs and campaigns to prevent human trafficking. We use insights from our evaluation to make recommendations for sustainable programs and practices to combat human trafficking. 

Finally, we use our research and grant writing skills to support NGOs to access local and international funding opportunities. 



Corporate Social Responsibility

Human trafficking is a global problem, and vulnerable people are often hidden in plain sight within big business supply chains.


We draw on our expert knowledge to co-develop training courses for businesses on the global reach of human trafficking and their important role in stemming the flow. As the Modern Slavery Act comes into effect, we are partnering with businesses to build on current best practices to not only identify signs of human trafficking in their operations and supply chains but also how to leverage existing resources to empower survivors from becoming re trafficked.


We develop facilitator-led online courses for businesses that combine risk management strategies to recognise and prevent human trafficking in their supply chains with CSR initiatives that connect them to survivors of human trafficking for mentorship and economic empowerment. 

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