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Building ethical supply chains 

Through our flagship Grit + Ethical Workforce Development (GEWD) program co-created with survivors of human trafficking, we equip human trafficking survivors and young women at risk with vocational skills mentorship, life skills, and transferable communication skills for job access. Our GEWD program comprises a 2-day compulsory introductory module on building resilience to human trafficking and developing core competencies for long term success in the global economy. The program then branches out into four specialisation streams focused on sustainable economic empowerment namely: 

  1. Vocational Skills Training

  2. Enterprise Incubator 

  3. Job Access

  4. Education + Outreach 


Participants of our GEWD program undergo a needs assessment on arrival, then together, we develop an individual workforce development plan for them, where they have the option to specialise in a GEWD stream of their choice. Participants then spend up to 6 months in the program where they are matched with local and international mentors to hone their skills, and aid their transition into gainful employment or entrepreneurship.  


Additionally, through a coalition of government, industry and community partnerships, we create transitional and full-time employment opportunities for survivors and women at risk of human trafficking. From delivering our education outreach program to schoolchildren to manufacturing collections for sustainable fashion designers to product and service development through our enterprise incubator program, we work with each participant to ensure they are empowered to join the workforce or start their own sustainable small business upon completing the program. Through our global distribution network and our pilot sustainable fashion enterprise incubator -  Green Fashion Factory  - we provide our participants with market access to the global economy. 


You can work with us to build an ethical supply chain one Yellow Shelter at a time. We welcome all enquiries to sponsor, work, visit, or volunteer with us. Contact us today.

Education Outreach


Through our Child Labour of Leadership Development (CLLD) program in schools across vulnerable communities, we turn the harmful traditional practices of child labour on its head by sublimating it into something positive and transformative for the whole community.

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