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Green Fashion Factory

For Fashion that's Fair to People + Just to the Environment  








Everyday tons of unwanted clothing end up in landfill. 8 million tons of used clothes are collected in Europe and North America alone = 50 Billion t-shirts. Landfills create long lasting damage to the soil and create problems including soil and groundwater contaminated with toxins.   


At the same the number of human trafficking victims continues to rise worldwide. Currently there are more than 40 million people trafficked for labour and sexual exploitation. The Fashion Industry is one of the biggest culprits with their exploitative wages and oppressive working conditions.


While many NGOs around the world empower survivors with vocational skills training programs after their rescue, our research shows that after their skills acquisition, survivors still face the same challenges that made them vulnerable to human trafficking in the first place - unemployment and financial instability. Without decent work, these survivors are at risk of being re-trafficked and tragically but sadly and not uncommonly become human traffickers themselves. At the same time, NGOs face the added pressure of finding employment for these rescued survivors, which cuts into their already limited resources. 


The Green Fashion Factory is our solution to these two global challenges – we create employment opportunities for survivors of human trafficking, and reduce damage to the environment. At the same time, we take a bold, ethical stand against fast fashion and labour exploitation in the Fashion industry’s supply chain.


The Green Fashion Factory is co-created with a global network of NGOs working to combat human trafficking. The outcome and output of the Green Fashion Factory – The Label is a fair and just alternative to fast fashion, which we retail through our store.


We source new and used garments, products and materials from consignment organisations and ethical suppliers, and train and employ human trafficking survivors and women at risk to make new high quality products for sale in the global marketplace. We retail these products at affordable prices through our national and international distribution channels.


The Green Fashion Factory is our ethical fashion statement to fast fashion and exploitation in the Fashion Industry’s supply chain.


By partnering with ethical retailers and Fashion Designers to employ skilled human trafficking survivors, the Green Fashion Factory is helping to reduce two global problems: human trafficking and environmental degradation. 

Support us to scale up and build an ethical supply chain.

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