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Our Stories of Grace + Grit e-newsletter series curates true stories of modern slavery and victim victory, stories of struggle, suffering and survival, of hope and faith, stories of the many forms and faces of modern slavery and our quest for emancipation and gender equality. 


Through our global network of empowered victims and survivors, we present modern slavery education and behavioural insights from some of the most affected people and countries around the world. These unique stories of Grace + Grit showcase the complex interplay of individual, social and economic factors that drive modern slavery, and what you as a concerned citizen can do to support the emancipation of victims, children and young women at risk.  


Your subscription to Stories of Grace + Grit helps to fund our mission to break the modern slavery supply chain, educate the public, restore dignity to victims, and empower women and children at risk.

Our stories are true, inspirational and transformative - your subscription can make a huge difference to the work we do by supporting us to change the dire prospects of the over half a billion women and girls who still lack access to education and remain vulnerable to modern slavery, sex trafficking, abuse and exploitation.


You can subscribe for as little as $5/month. To subscribe simply enter your name and email address below, click on the link to select your subscription plan and you are ready to start receiving your  Stories of Grace + Grit delivered straight into your inbox.


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